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Smith Hamilton Investment Partners services meet the strategic, legal and regulatory objectives of wealth and asset managers

Business Strategy & Product Development

For emerging and established wealth and asset management firms, having forward looking business planning for the company, products and investment teams is essential for commercial success. Plans that support the objectives of the business and investment team lead to effective intra-firm decision making.

Legal & Outsource General Counsel

Meeting legal and regulatory obligations is an increasing barrier to many wealth and asset
management firms. Our sister law firm Smith Hills advises on all aspects of financial services law and supplies highly experienced General Counsel providing a cost effective outsourced team to help your business grow through different fund structures and across borders, unlocking market potential.

Preparing Investment & Sales Teams to Win Business

With extensive frontline proposition and pitching success in institutional and wholesale markets, we can get your team ready.  Our proven programme to bring sales and investment together, preparing both teams to be pitch ready, improves the success rate for new businesses. A major benefit is building rapport between sales, marketing and investment.

Business Design and Implementation

The arrival of increasingly effective outsourcing solutions and investment technology allows wealth and asset managers to come to market or to re-engineer their business with a cost base that fits for a future of lower fund charges.

Regulatory Compliance

Following the financial system crisis, the regulation that wealth and asset managers now have to meet is placing more stress on firms. For smaller and mid-sized firms, having affordable access to external expertise to ensure regulatory, mandate and internal policy requirements are met is a great benefit.

Risk Management & Governance Structures

Supporting the design, implementation and on-going monitoring of the risk framework of an organisation is necessary to meet regulatory requirements, support strategic decision making and to provide comfort to current and prospective investors about the soundness of the governance of the business

Compensation Plan Design & Support

Compensation can be an area of contention for many wealth and asset managers. Implementing a plan that supports the requirements of the business, individuals and meets the objectives of investment products is necessary for meeting long-term growth objectives.

African Business

Smith Hamilton Partners has extensive knowledge and experience of the African business environment.  We can work closely with clients supporting their entry into the African business market, sourcing deals and helping to rectify and manage the daily challenges faced in this frontier market.

Our Partner LOC

Smith Hamilton Partners work closely with key partner LOC to deliver major projects, drawing on their extensive programme management, project management and testing expertise.

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